What Is a Mover Dolly?

A mover’s dolly is designed to help people move heavy loads and large items, which can be anything from large, bulky furniture pieces to white goods. Most moving companies will have several dollies on hand and some even rent them out on request, also, it is possible to purchase them from companies that supply moving materials. In addition to getting used to moving homes and offices, they are also used in large warehouses and other such facilities where large items are moved on a regular basis.

A standard mover dolly has a low platform which is mounted on a set of casters. The platform and wheels will be reinforced, so the mover’s dolly is capable of carrying heavy loads, also, the assembly is kept low to the ground so overhead clearance is not a problem when going through doorways. Dollies have no handles, so users will push them. It is possible to secure large items to a dolly using tie down straps so they do not move or fall off.

Two-wheeled versions are available with handles and are referred to as two wheeled dollies. These are made to take smaller loads, plus, they will also fold up making transport and storage easier when not in use. Hand trucks are extremely common in places where packages are handled on a daily basis, due to the fact they can be used to quickly move large and bulky boxes around.

There are, however, a few safety considerations you will need to bear in mind when it comes to using a mover’s dolly. You should never overload a dolly, which is why every dolly comes with weight limits that are printed on the platform. It also not advisable to leave any items on them whilst they are being trucked or shipped, as they will move and damage other items in the vicinity. Tie down straps must be used when moving large items and users have to practice caution when moving a dolly over any elevation changes.

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