Econo Van Lines LLC is one of the preferred moving companies in Rockville MD. Our customers know that our movers will provide them fast and easy relocating help. We pay attention to the detail and we’ll take care to all of your furniture and belongings. Below you can see what our customers say about our moving company. If you need moving and storage services, just check our contact information. You can choose in which location to contact us. Econo Van Lines LLC movers will be happy to provide you the moving and storage services you need. Just contact the proper moving company for you!

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by Momo L. Reeds on Econo Van Lines LLC
Great work!

The company I was renting a house from decided to sell it and gave me a pretty tight deadline to deal with. I searched through many moving companies, but yours came highly recommended. I am very grateful for your quick response and quality services, thank you!

by Roger D. on Econo Van Lines LLC

Of all the moving companies I worked with, yours is really the best. I have an agency that helps them find the business they need, and working with you is always a pleasure. Thank you for your professionalism!

by Leanne J. on Econo Van Lines LLC

My sister and I lived in a rented apartment together for two years. After we saved up some money, we bought a house together. We definitely needed an experienced moving company that could help us out, and she found yours on the Internet. I will definitely recommend your services!

by Lea Thompson on Econo Van Lines LLC

My granny was getting far too old, and my wife and I made a decision to take her in with us. Grandma had some furniture she wanted to take with her, and this is why I started looking online for a proper moving company. Your experts did a prompt and quality job, thank you!

by Dane Robbins on Econo Van Lines LLC
Awesome job!

I had always wanted to have a real piano at my place. I began learning to play on an electrical instrument, but when a colleague of mine said that he was selling a real one, I had to get it. The only thing that remained was to find a proper piano moving service provider that could help me move it from the other side of town. I am very impressed with your work, thank you!

by Rita Monsteen on Econo Van Lines LLC

My daughter started playing the piano a couple of years ago, and she turned into an incredible musician. Some days ago, there was a garage sale, and I decided to buy my precious angel a real piano. It was all good; however, I still needed a professional piano moving service , and this is where you guys came in. Thank you for your incredible work!

by Tommy Wallace on Econo Van Lines LLC

I was finally moved out of my parent's garage to my very own house. Throughout the years, I had accumulated quite a few things, and I needed a team of experienced movers who could help me with the transportation. Your guys did an amazing job, thank you!

by Donna C. on Econo Van Lines LLC
Awesome job.

I asked my friends to help me find professional movers, but none of them helped me out. I realized that I had to do some searching myself, and only after a few minutes online, I came across your company. Thank you for being so careful with my items, everything arrived without a scratch!

by Candace M. Bailey on Econo Van Lines LLC

Fantastic group of men! Very professional, fast, helpful, and knowledgeable. They did a wonderful job!

by Robin & Ken Arment on Econo Van Lines LLC

Great services from door to door! Feel free to call if you want a reference.

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