Short Guidebook on Moving to a Retirement Home

Retirement can be a very shocking experience, as you may have to change your entire lifestyle all of a sudden. If you feel fit enough to continue working, do it, if you prefer to relax, then devote more time to your family and hobbies, or make some travel plans. There are plenty of things waiting for you to explore them. If you have always dreamed of a peaceful life in the countryside, another good option is to move to a retirement home in a small village, where you can enjoy the sunny days with other people sharing your interests.

If you decide to choose the last option, you will definitely need to book some moving help, as relocating can be a pretty hard task to handle on your own. As Rockville Econo Van Lines LLC, of Rockville MD, is an experienced contractor in the removal service business, we have decided to share a few tips which will help you pack and relocate your belongings stress-free. Here is the 3-step plan we suggest that you stick to:
Reliable moving servicesStep 1: Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter – There are many items you have collected over the years but the majority of them are packed and placed in your attic or basement where they collect dust. Now is the time to get rid of them: you may either donate some of your belongings, organize a garage sale to sell them, or ask your family or neighbors if they need any of the things you want to remove from your home.
Step 2: Organize the packing – Purchase some boxes from your moving company or get them for free from your local supermarket. All you need to do is buy some packing supplies and you are ready to get started. Take all the time you need in order to pack everything well. You will be surprised to discover how pleasant this task is. Every box you fill in will bring you different memories from your past and will make you grateful for all of the things you have experienced in your former home.
Step 3: Make additional relocation planning – This includes canceling magazine and newspaper subscriptions, contacting utilities to let them know of your move so that they can get meter readings; calling the associations and clubs you are a member of to inform them that you will be no longer available for events in the area, informing financial institutions and sending change of address cards if necessary. As all this will take a while, you better take your time to plan it carefully.

After you plan the moving date, have a good night sleep the day before in order to make an early start. This way you will have plenty of time to stick to your plans and move to your retirement housing successfully. If you are a senior, don’t take risks with your move – use professional moving help, call us today!