Safety tips for a successful move

Moving services tips for a safe and timely relocation

Moving can be both exciting and annoying, but most of all, it can be dangerous. Especially, if you are doing it by yourself and aren’t very careful.

To make your job less threatening, we have several tips to share with you.

A lot of moving companies offer packing, along with other moving services. Should you choose to do that on your own, you would do best to pay more attention to the weight of the packages. Try not to overload any cardboard boxes. The fact, that they can take in a lot more, does not mean they should. Try to limit the weight of the packages. 50 pounds is optimal for carrying. It’s not too heavy and will not exhaust your movers that easy.

Before the moving services arrive on the spot, be sure to check the main routes of your home for obstructions and various threats. Small objects can easily trip a person and if he is holding something heavy, or fragile, it may end badly.

You should consider warning the moving services for any dangerous spots in your home. A crooked sidewalk, a low placed shelf or cupboard, a slippery floor – these are just some of the hazards you may encounter during a move. Be sure all movers know about any hidden dangers.

If the weather outside is wet, be sure to put some rugs or carpets over any slippery places. Wet floors can be quite dangerous for people carrying heavy furniture, so keep them dry and clean. Also, don’t forget to dress the part. Moving is a dirty job, after all. Wear clothes, that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

Follow our tips and you shouldn’t have a problem with the moving. If you require and moving assistance or moving services, Gaithersburg Econo Van Lines LLC can provide you with quality services, but only for customers and moves on the territory of Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding areas. You can reach us here – (240) 544-0701.