Preparing for the apartment movers arrival

After a period of endless packing, you’r finally ready to move in to your new apartment. If this is the first time you have hired apartment movers below are just a few pointers for hiring movers.

  1. Possible to finish the entire move in just a few hours. Whereas it would have taken you, a whole day if not more, depending on your mode of transport.
  2. Apartment movers are more organized, read the labels on boxes, and keet things in order.
  3. No need to enlist the help of your friends or family.
  4. No time in the future, will you have to return the favor by helping friends with their moves.
  5. No pulled muscles, aching backs, or nervess breakdowns.

Preperations to do before moving.

Six Weeks prior to moving: Hire an apartment mover. Whilst deciding what movers to hire, check to see if they have any liability or damages insurance. Also it is good to check out their vehicle, the state of their vehicle will surely reflect on what kind of move you will receive. If you have any fragile or valuable antiques, carefully catalogue them, strong advice would be to also take pictures of them before the move. So if there is any damage once the move is completed, you will have evidence to prove of what was done and how.
Five Weeks prior to moving: Start sorting out all your belongings.
Four Weeks prior to moving: Start to gather materials. Also, should you pack any of the boxes make sure to mark each one, this enables you to sort out quickly once you have reached your destination, of what goes where, and in which rooms.
Three Weeks prior to moving: Now is the time to start packing, also, inform utility services.
Two Weeks prior to moving: Carry on with the endless packing, also remember to inform people of your change of address.
One Week prior to moving: Finish all packing.
Moving Day: once you have completed the move, before any payment transactions, alsway inspect for Damages.

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